What is consolidating on tunes

10 May

Double-click the "Users" folder, then your username folder, and double-click the "My Music folder. Open i Tunes if the i Tunes Media folder is not in its default location, click "Edit" and click "Preferences." Click the "Advanced" button.However, my hard drive contains many excess duplications that I'd rather delete to cut down on confusion plus should I hit the wrong key I may wind up with all the duplications back in the i Tunes library listing.Is there an "easy" way to determine which files the titles point to without testing each one or pulling up each one individually under "info"?Once that is done, all the media files outside of the i Tunes folder, will be a duplicate PThank you on that. The file name was invalid or too long." Is there a fix or am I at the end of the possibilities? I wonder where the "draw line" is for number of characters in a may help.Gleaned from elsewhere Find the XML file (music/i Tunes/i Tunes Music Library.xml).

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