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10 Feb

Rachel Whetstone, a former aide to ex-Tory leader Michael Howard – and friend of Mr Cameron – later worked for Google as head of international communications.

The extent of the cosy relationship between Google and Whitehall will spark fresh concerns over the scale of the firm’s political clout.

In the 17 months between May 2015 and September last year, ministers held at least 27 meetings with the web company.

On Tuesday Google chiefs assured the home affairs committee they would work harder to remove offensive material and agreed content by National Action should be taken down.

But committee chairman Yvette Cooper wrote to the firm on Friday after the group’s videos remained available.

His You Tube channel has netted him around £65,000.

The boycott of You Tube started on Friday, when ministers suspended all government advertising on the video- sharing platform until it could all but guarantee public money would not fund hate content.

Internet safety minister Baroness Shields – a former Google managing director – met with her old firm seven times, which included discussions on online extremism.

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