Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating dating a rock star

12 May

The header section in Compact Layout now looks as in the figure below (the part inside the Red box is what is new).

It looks like Microsoft is trying to match the layout with the online version of Outlook].

With default Outlook settings, this Compact Layout view is turned Non Compact Layout Non compact layout shows one line per email message, as I show here: If you are currently using a moderately-wide computer screen, try dragging your Outlook window wider and narrower right now, to witness this change taking place.

By default, Outlook gathers all received emails together and move them to its Inbox folder.

What you should do if you feel that the Inbox is disordered and want to automatically move some specific emails to another folder for well-organized when you receiving them?

The Duplicate Mails in Kutools for Outlook can quickly remove all duplicate emails and keep one only in seconds.