Online dating competitors

30 May

Instead, we’re looking for businesses that get more powerful with scale and that are difficult to copy. We ask how big it is today, how fast it’s growing, and why it’s going to be big in ten years.

Joining an early-stage startup that’s on a rocketship trajectory is usually a much better financial deal.

On the other hand, starting a startup is not in fact very risky to your career—if you’re really good at technology, there will be job opportunities if you fail. I personally think the riskier option is having an idea or project you’re really passionate about and working at a safe, easy, unfulfilling job instead.

It’s much better to first make a product a small number of users love than a product that a large number of users like.

Even though the total amount of positive feeling is the same, it’s much easier to get more users than to go from like to love.

If the idea does not really excite at least some people the first time they hear it, that’s bad.Another thing we ask is who desperately needs the product.It’s important to be able to think and communicate clearly as a founder—you’ll need it for recruiting, raising money, selling, etc.Ideas in general need to be clear to spread, and complex ideas are almost always a sign of muddled thinking or a made up problem.It’s important to let your idea evolve as you get feedback from users.And it’s critical you understand your users really well—you need this to evaluate an idea, build a great product, and build a great company. They take a very long time, and consistent intense effort.Usually this means they’re telling their friends to use the product without prompting from the company.We also ask if the company is generating revenue, and if not, why not.

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