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25 May

Lier is divided into five main districts: Leuvensepoort, Mechelpoor, Lisp, city-center and Koningshooikt. When referring to Lier one often talks about Liereke Pleziereke (roughly translated as "fun in Lier").As of January 1, 2010 Lier had a total population of 33,930. Other explanations are the old Dutch word laar (open space in the woods) or the word liere (parapet).The total area is 49.70 km² which gives a population density of 669 inhabitants per km². There is also a resemblance with the Swedish word leira which means muddy shore or the Icelandic word leir meaning "clay".There are over 70 bars within the city boundaries, the ones around the Zimmerplein being the most lively during summer. Sing to them, "the volunteers (the unsung heroes) (In The Mabuhay republic, San Francisco, Sept.

It was, back then, the first mammoth skeleton found in western Europe.During the first world war the king and general chiefs of the army had their headquarters for a short period in Lier before moving to Temse.This day there is a statue of sheep located near the Zimmertoren in remembrance of this animal market.