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11 Jun

And how are the German Court System and the International Complaint System organized?Even though many of them have been active in the field for several years and a growing professionalization and specialization can be observed since the German Equal Treatment Act (AGG) was introduced, there are few associations that follow a clear anti-discrimination line.The project supported associations in fostering their practical competencies through consultation, by providing information and offering educational trainings, so as to enable them to utilize court and complaint mechanisms.Explanations to these and many more questions can be found in the Online Handbook "Active against Discrimination".The Handbook is written in German and provides a wide range of information on the protection from discrimination and the rights of associations in these terms.

The Institute carries out applied research, policy advice, expert discussions, conferences and human rights education in order to protect and promote human rights.

The institute's human rights library is open to the public and offers up to date research literature and journals on the topic of human rights.

Particularly, discriminated persons often have difficulties in enforcing an effective legal protection against discrimination and in applying their right to non-discrimination in and out of court.

Only an effective protection from discrimination can ensure that human rights are not only reduced to being the privileges of an “advantaged” group.

In which ways can civil society organisations and associations support individuals in court on the basis of the German Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz)?