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09 Mar

Without any doubt, I took a cab decided to come to his place,and i never expected that the third guy will be the Taxi Driver.He is working a car company which is outside KL,he single and hes always go out alone,few thing I knew about him.If hes maybe a bit younger, I would fall inlove to him. It lasted for two hours while my other date is waiting.I left the hotel earlier than I expected because his roomate is on his way up and i dont have any more choice but to leave.It was already midnight, Im alone and I dont know where to go.

The performance just lasted for 20 minutes because he cum so fast.

His tool is just average but it feels so good inside because im loving the way he drive, ebery pumping makes me ask for more.

I can diffrent faces with diffrent agenda, diffrent eyes trying to find how they can enoy the night like my i do, lights from every cars that ignites the whole place, that as the time i appreciate the place, i felt like I was in New York times Square with all the Digital billboards that sorrounds me, it was an amazing feeling to be alone.

I recieved a call that night from one of my contacts i got from the internet.