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20 Aug

He has been helping on the blog side while I have been focusing on growing the Business and member area side of Authority Hacker and growing our other authority sites.You can take things to the next level and flirt up, post a video or browse our black dating images.There are lots of ways to connect when you’re a part of this incredible matchmaking website.I am far from giving up on blogging though and hope to have more time for it next year (I am still on the though)If you followed Niche Pursuits in the past, you've probably heard of Perrin, but if you have not, here is a quick introduction of how he went from someone just "dreaming" of making money online to making some, to losing everything and to rebuilding it all the right way.Perrin's one of those people who constantly innovates on 'classic' marketing tactics, which has made it really fun to work with him--and in many cases to coach him--as we grow our sites alongside each other, swapping strategies and creating new techniques along the way.

I had a brief, shining moment of satisfaction when the clients edits came back: they took out everything she’d done and asked for the version I’d created. Somewhere along the way, I came across this funny little acronym: SEO.

That lasted about 30 seconds…...before I was accidentally copied on an email from my boss to the client that said, “Sorry about that. When I ran out of books (at some point, you realize lots of the business books out there say pretty much the same stuff), I turned to blogs. Up until then, I’d been thinking about entrepreneurship job--one that would give me the freedom to more or less do what I wanted instead of busting my ass to make faceless corporate executives even richer--but a job nonetheless. I think I created four different websites over the course of about a year: a gaming website, a poetry website, a one-page dating website, and a nursing certification website. My sites were just a hodgepodge of different tactics I was reading about.

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