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06 Jan

Your society has not responded to the notice of the 10th November 2017 in which it was required to show reasons why it should not be cancelled.

The use of miracle money, which the Botswana government considers illegal, led not only to the closure of the church but also to a call for all home cell meetings of the church to cease.

However, the church's officials in Botswana are appealing the ban.

Results of the initial study in Kenya were promising, so Young 1ove recently ran a randomized trial of its own course in Botswana, measuring its impact on pregnancy reduction.

Because results were mixed, the organization is using that data to further refine the course, with aims of testing it again — this time for its direct impact on HIV reduction — before scaling up.

“There are often gasps in the room, because it’s so startling,” Angrist says.After, a 15-minute animated video produced by UNICEF is shown that depicts the struggles of a young girl who is approached by a sugar daddy, and there’s a discussion about how to avoid older men and where to get help.“The mission is to connect youth to proven life-saving information by taking evidence off the shelf and scaling it up in health and education,” Angrist says.Revealing real risks No Sugar classes begin with ice breakers, such as singing and dancing exercises.Yet these risks were virtually unknown among Botswanan girls.

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