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01 Jul

Keep heat on ur hair in development time, cover in cling film and sit near a heater, use a hair dryer over it for the last 5 mins or so b4 u wash out.

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The annoying thing is, my sister's a fantastic hairdresser but we live at opposite ends of the country!!

like i said, if you do decide to go for it, buy a upto 6 wash dye to cover up the dodgy ginger you might go.

slightly ginder more strawberry blonde tbh but you CANT use a permanant dye on top.a semi perm, i used a garnier dark blonde semi and ended up more mousy brown but looked lush!!

and you can put that on straight after.if you still want to go lighter its the perfect base colour to do so..luck.try it i read some mixed reviews but was desprate in the end and dnt regret it at all..ake sure youve a semi perm waiting after and you'll be fine xx I used this last night too return my hair back to its natural colour from a dark'ish purple that was fading I followed the instructions very carefully yet woke up this morning with orange hair streaked with light brown and purple that's turned red!

My hair was darker at the ends from years of colouring, and i wanted to go a lighter brown. My hair had a lot of colour stripped from it, and went ginger (???? I recoloured it straight away with a semi permanent rinse in a light brown, and it was def lighter, but not as light as i wanted (still grabbed the dark tones even though the colour was a very light brown). It was more even though (roots and ends matched better). Can't remember what it's called, but it is better for very dark or stubborn colour (which i think would include red).

My hair didn't feel great for a while after as it is a bit damaging, but a few good conditions and it was fine.

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