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14 May

The price was half of what larger airlines were charging, but glad I didn't have my usual one checked bag on this flight. for a regular carry on to store in the overhead bin.

Oh, I guess we're used to paying them, so let's not stop now.

For my carry on to fly with me, it cost about 20% of the total fare.

) and made a little joke, as well as giving us an update on what to expect for the flight weather-wise. I found myself having to calm down the passenger next to me. Return trip: my luggage didn't appear and I had to file paperwork at the ticket desk on another floor. With limited legroom, normal on Spirit, the uncomfortable seats are just miserable.

I'm always a little nervous when flying so seeing who would be flying the plane and knowing he was an experienced and welcoming pilot made a world of difference to set my mind at ease before take-off! The 2 pieces of luggage were found and delivered to me 3 days after. I don't mind the no-frills interior & seats that don't recline. It would've been nice if they kept the headrest 'wings', but it's all about using economy as an excuse.

For my carry on to fly with me, it cost about 20% of the total fare. They charge for bags whether you carry on or check them and it's double the price at the gate if you don't pay at booking, charge for choosing your seat at booking, charge for all refreshments and food on the flight - only thing complimentary is a glass of water. Virtually all baggage is an up charge, even carry on, and they wouldn't even give you a bottle of water, that was like or so. Flight was supposed to leave at PM, we didn't take off until after .The percentage of total fare price would be much higher, but my particular flight was 9. Pretty standard flight attendants doing what they do. They have moved the seats closer together so there is zero leg room and very close to the person next to you. At the end of the day, a 5 ticket winds up costing 5 The plane didn't crash and I wasn't dragged off the plane. Their seats are very uncomfortable and they don't even have blankets. Was not made aware that there was a charge for ANY baggage. My two small bags were expensive to check (compared with other airlines).Flight was to leave at delayed to that was no problem I still showed up early in case the flight left as scheduled.At I went to check in prepaid bag and the women put on tag and he told her could only check-in a bag 4 hrs before a flight. economy plus was worth the money Flight attendants horrible refused to serve drinks or snacks due to "turbulence" But there was no turbulence.If I had flown into Ft Lauderdale instead of Ft Myers, the fare would have been 3, making the baggage fee over 50% of the total cost..should be looked into. Tried to check it online but it was Impossible so I had to check it at the airport! The boarding went very smoothly and the flight itself was flawless,. Luckily I was in an aisle seat with a small child next to me so I had elbow room. I LOVED that the captain did an introduction before take off. Very unsettling at the gate, and felt I had been hijacked into paying that fee. FRONTIER EMPLOYEES maintained a friendly attitude despite the chaos. After all expenses there were no savings over other airlines (other airlines with better service and better jets). Initial flight it was a big nuisance, return flight it was even worse. The Frontier flight in the gate next to us left without 25 passengers because they were still in line at security.