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14 May

Prince Mohammed has helped lead a diplomatic campaign to isolate Qatar, saying Riyadh’s erstwhile ally backs terrorism and cozies up to Iran.

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On the official Abdul Latif Jameel website, their bio states that they are “Comprised of diversified businesses with deep roots in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT region).

Qatar rejects the accusations and says it is being punished for straying from its neighbors’ backing for authoritarian rulers.

The campaign has divided Gulf Arab countries, who Washington regards as essential to its influence in the region.

In July 2016, he was photographed with supermodel Naomi Campbell at British Summer Time in London.It is unclear whether they were actually dating at the time, but Buzzfeed pointed out that Campbell and Rihanna, who were previously friends, drifted apart shortly after.A Saudi-led coalition, acting on an invitation from the internationally-recognized government, has targeted the Iran-aligned Houthi movement in a war which has killed more than 10,000 people.The war is closely identified with the prince in his role as defense minister.(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered a crackdown on corruption, the latest in a wave of frenetic changes in the kingdom over the past 2-1/2 years.Prince Mohammed says he is determined to remodel his conservative country into a modern state no longer dependent on oil.As his father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, has handed the 32-year-old Prince Mohammed more and more power over the past three years, the ambitious young leader has taken on everything from economic reforms to waging war in neighboring Yemen. Prince Mohammed capped his rapid rise to power in June this year by replacing his elder cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, widely known as Mb N, as crown prince.A source close to King Salman said Mb N’s dismissal was “in the higher interests of the state” because he was incapacitated by morphine and cocaine addiction, a legacy of an assassination attempt that left shrapnel in his body.