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06 May

I would like to know what would my education equate to US Education.

If it was grade 10 (or class 10 as called in India), then it is equivalent to 10 2 1. First of all it is illegal for them to haord any type of money.

It does not matter what was your qualification when you took admission in that course. What is the process of suggesting amendments to bills under consideration to lawmakers, e.g. Secondly if you don't have a green card process through them, or you do and you have your second step cleared and it has been more tan 180 days.

Others may become permanent residents after being granted asylum status. citizens are given the highest immigration priority and are not subject to annual caps that apply to other categories of immigrants. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is trying to improve the system and decrease the time to an average of six months.

In 2009, nearly 75,000 refugees were granted asylum from persecution in their home countries. Immediate relatives are defined as spouses, unmarried children under age 21 and parents. The time it takes to become naturalized varies by location and can take years.

I fail to see why these cases you are referring to are any worse off than many others.I filed my I485 in May 2007, have been current for more than a third of the interim period and still waiting.Most of the polytechnic diploma programs require Grade 10 as educational qualification to join the diploma program. Also the project has ended after 4 month but i don't have any document. the amendments to PACE suggested in my previous post- can I call/e-mail/fax all sponsors/lawmakers or can I only contact specific lawmakers (those of my area)? Hi Vikramy - Do you know of any particular reasons for these transfer denials? Please explain if you have examples for the company starting with cogn XXXXX, I just put my transfer papers in to join them.... Will my current consultancy knows if my H1 Transfer is rejected? You can the find a different employer and transfer, if your present employer tries to act smart, tell him you will call the labor department and inform about illegal practices in the company. Gone are the days when Desi employers can treat consultants like crap, they are jsut blood suckers.It the minimum qualification was grade 12th, then it is equivalent to Associate Degree. Also company B can't reveal any internal documents. :confused: Hello My current Consultancy is not paying me well, they are holding 00 from my monthly pay check. Good Luck Hi Guys I know somany experts in this Forum I am some problem becoz of desi company I am working for Company A I applied GC from Company B I joined in Company B just one month ago but my 180 days passed can i port AC21 is there any copulsory period need to be on their payroll please help me I have problems which everybody can understand wht problems with desi company Huge demand to live in U. part of illegal immigration problem ( WASHINGTON - While the national spotlight is focused on illegal immigration, millions of people enter the United States legally each year on both a temporary and permanent basis.The biggest groups came from Mexico, Britain and Japan.Among those who can obtain temporary visas: tourists; visitors on business trips; foreign journalists; diplomats and government representatives and their staffs; students and foreign-exchange visitors and their dependents; certain relatives of lawful permanent residents and U. citizens; religious workers; and internationally recognized athletes and entertainers. Among the categories: workers in specialty occupations, registered nurses to help fill a shortage and agricultural workers.