Predating a check

21 Jun

—ZS, 2010): Yes, we had never heard of the Canadian Tenors either, and their earnest, heartfelt cover, redolent of hair product and facial tics, goes into overdrive when they are surprised to have their heroine Dion join them. According to Wikipedia, Henig is “notable for his viral You Tube video cover of Get Low,” so this is a curious new direction.

It is “something of a musical Rorschach test,” Light writes, invented anew by all who attempt the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall... This list is of course open for debate and is necessarily far from exhaustive, and we are primarily sticking to renditions that are commercially available, as well as a few notable live performances., 2011): From its opening string swells to its steel guitar flourishes and choir crescendo, Bolton’s “Hallelujah” is a miserable grab bag of elevator-core tackiness, with a key change that would make even Jon Bon Jovi grimace. —ZS, 2014): Information about this is quite sparse, but it appears to be several anime stars with throaty, horribly reaching voices performing “Hallelujah” on top of piano, synthesized strings and even some xylophone twinkles. —ZS, 2014): If you traveled to 1985 and told Leonard Cohen that a terrifyingly saccharine a cappella version of “Hallelujah” would one day have 1.7 million You Tube streams, he’d have said, “What the hell is You Tube?

” —ZS, 2011): Apparently, it’s not unheard of for Christian performers to swap out Leonard Cohen’s lyrics for their own.

The members hail from different countries but each knew Cohen’s song, a testament to its 21st-century popularity on quartet, don’t help matters.

It comes complete with a harp, predictably irritating oversinging and strings that flutter all the way to the heavens.

By the final refrain, these guys are reaching octave levels that would make Leonard Cohen blush.—ZS, 2013): Performances of “Hallelujah” are nearly always dominated by white, Western voices, so it’s an impressive treat to hear Jai-Jagdeesh bring conventionally Indian instruments into the mix.

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