Gridview rowupdating in asp net using c

01 Mar

When constructing data entry forms, it is important that users enter any required fields and that all provided inputs are legal, properly-formatted values.If you attempt to omit the name or enter an invalid price value when editing a product, an asterisk appears next to the textbox.As Figure 8 shows, a price value that includes the currency symbol such as .95 is considered invalid.There, select each of the Bound Fields and click the "Convert this field into a Template Field" link.Figure 3: Convert Each of the Details View's and Grid View's Bound Fields Into Template Fields (Click to view full-size image) Converting a Bound Field into a Template Field through the Fields dialog box generates a Template Field that exhibits the same read-only, editing, and inserting interfaces as the Bound Field itself.

Additionally, the page included a Details View whose , thereby always rendering in insert mode.

From this Details View, the user could enter the name and price for a new product, click Insert, and have it added to the system (see Figure 1).

s of those validation controls that detected invalid data.