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21 Jan

descendent of Josef KOCSAR (KOSCHAR, KOCAR) of Brunn near Fehring, Eastern Styria. My grandparents were Gabriel and Magdalena Reitter. My grandmother Magdalena, along with my father Stefan (Stephen) and my uncle Gabe, came over in 1921 after the embargo was over. SCHODISCH, Grosspetersdorf, settled in Oberwart in 1808; ERNST, FUCHS, Markt Allhau, settled in Chicago, IL in 1920; KRUG, THIRRING, Odenburg. REICHER, KNOPF, WESSELY (VESSELY, WESZELY, VESZELY), KRISMANITS (KRISCHMANITS) of Kleinpetersdorf. REICHL, Kukmirn, Bocksdorf; Franz REICHL settled in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1929-30. MARAKOVITS, HOFFMANN, TARAS / TARITS, KOLOWITCH, SOKASITS (not direct line) Villages: Punitz, Güssing. I have funeral cards for both of them and they were born in Zanegg also. TOTH, Csankanydoroszlo, Vas, Hungary, settled Northampton Co, PA. I have reason to believe that Mathias Lang and Barbara Lang who were settled in Iowa might have been her aunt and uncle.

(and find their ancestral villages on the Burgenland MAP) Carole Quinn; Lindenhurst, IL.

Stella MONDSCHEIN, Poppendorf; John MUSSER, Allhau, settled around 1920 in Philadelphia, PA.

RAJKOVAC, BALOGH, HORVATH, VARGA, RINGLBAUER, Schachendorf, Dürnbach, Zuberbach.

ROMMER, REINER, MEIDLINGER, NAGOVITZ Boldogasszony/Frauenkirchen to Philadelphia, PA.

Joseph REICHEL (1873-1928), Julia REICHEL (BURKHART; 1869-1946).