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29 May

This also explains why so many seemingly average or even ugly comedians get hot girlfriends. This doesn't mean you need to rush out and learn a bunch of knock-knock jokes, but do stop taking yourself too seriously and be up for a good laugh.

Stand up straight, don't stammer when you speak, and most importantly be sure to make and maintain eye contact when you're trying to get her attention and when you speak to her.

Practice being confident on every person you speak to and eventually it will come naturally.

While good looks can give you an unfair advantage in some walks of life, you’d be wrong to assume that being attractive comes without its pitfalls. Conventionally attractive women have come together in their masses via social site Reddit to voice their negative experiences with one user asking, “Do you have any stories where your attractiveness has actually been a disadvantage? Not being taken seriously at work – a place many women found to be fuelled by implicit sexist prejudices. They assume that I'm stupid and even when I prove that I'm not, there's still that feeling,” one woman admitted.

While there are of course some definite perks, it turns out that the bubble of beauty can make certain aspects of life much more difficult. “It's even been implied that I'd do best as a trophy wife by a manager before.” Other agreed adding, “I'm fairly young (mid twenties) and was told by the HR person in charge of the hiring committee that I didn't have a chance because older male co-workers won’t take me seriously and could get distracted.” Even someone’s husband-to-be chipped in about his partner’s bad experience at work, “Sounds like my fiancé.

It doesn't need to cost a lot of money to look good either; proper hygiene, smelling good, and wearing clothes that are clean, wrinkle-free, and fit well will go a long way in making you stand out over a lot of other guys--especially in this day and age of ripped jeans and pants that hang below the crack line. Don't make it all about meeting women because you need more than that going on in your life to appeal to anyone including yourself.

Join a weekend sports team or club, travel, read books, stay on top of current affairs, and just get out there and enjoy doing things.

This isn't about an important job and lots of money, it's about taking care of yourself and not living like an aimless sloth.

#4: Put Some Effort into Your Appearance We're not talking plastic surgery and trying to look like George Clooney here, but put some effort into your appearance.

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