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14 Apr

Presley grew up as a member of the Assembly of God, a denomination that emphasized personal religious experiences.

The site this month of a panel discussion with Priscilla Presley, a sold-out “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Showcase” and a vigil on the anniversary of his death, Graceland is among the most-visited private homes in the nation along with the White House, which is fitting, since the Presley phenomenon has particular resonance in the age of Hillbilly Elegy.

“What he did was earthshaking,” says Tim Mc Graw, the country-music superstar who counts Presley as a huge influence.

Eventually the family moved to Memphis, which was perfect for Presley.

A longtime cotton hub, the city, like Presley himself, sat between the blues-soaked Delta and the virtually all-white country-and-western music world of Nashville.

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