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No doubt you could name a list MY-LIST-FOR-MATH-STUDIES, but who wants to type that?

LISTSERV itself is designed to operate in an identical manner no matter which operating system it is running under.

Thus the fact that LISTSERV is running under VM, VMS, some flavor of Unix, or Windows NT should not be a concern to the list owner, who may not even know which version of LISTSERV his lists are running on.• If not, you might consider a commercial LISTSERV site.

For instance, if you wanted to start a list on some aspect of the IBM 370, you might do better to search for IBM 370.

You should already be familiar with your mailing system and text editor. It is the goal of this manual to give you what you need to know about LISTSERV user commands, privileged LISTSERV owner commands, and how to read and interpret Internet-style mail headers.

Note that the "_" (underscore) character may cause problems with some non-compliant receiving systems.

Also note that the space character (ASCII 0x20) is illegal in a list name, and L-Soft recommends that, although apostrophes (aka "single-quotes", ASCII 0x27) are valid in an RFC822 username, they should not be used in list names since some mail programs may not accept them.

How a LISTSERV mailing list performs its tasks is defined by its header keywords.

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