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20 Jul

Miller cautioned too that consortium determinations for attacks after June 2017 remain preliminary "as we haven't done the data collection for these attacks yet." We shared Miller’s assessment with Moore, Mc Caul’s aide, who reaffirmed her previous broader claim than what Mc Caul said to Fox News: "Based on the open-source information we provided, the Committee believes the 9 vehicular attacks the chairman cited were either claimed by ISIS or the perpetrator was inspired by ISIS." Our ruling Mc Caul said the New York bike path assault "was the ninth vehicle assault used by ISIS." Mc Caul based his claim on nine 2017 attacks--none of them confirmed to have been conducted by ISIS.

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Newsweek’s story also singled out Tunisian Anis Amri driving a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016, killing 12 people. For our part, we reviewed news stories listed in connection with the attacks on the staff-provided list supplemented by our own finds and additional stories flagged by Moore. expert on terrorist attacks separately told us she saw no corroboration of ISIS being directly involved in any of the attacks tallied by Mc Caul’s aide.

In most instances, we found, the stories suggest an ISIS claim to responsibility or inspiration by ISIS. Our breakdown: Vehicular attacks not uncommon In December 2016, Aki Peritz, a former CIA analyst, said in a post on NPR’s website that driving a car into people in a terror attack wasn’t a new tactic nor one uniquely employed by Islamic State believers.

Asked how Mc Caul determined each attack was "by ISIS," Moore said that in each instance, "either ISIS claimed responsibility or the perpetrator claimed to be doing it in the name of ISIS, as reported by the press and/or local law enforcement." The staff-provided list: Mc Caul’s list, limited to attacks in 2017, didn’t include the attack in Nice he mentioned on Fox News.Earlier, an April 2017 Newsweek story counted that attack among several ISIS-linked vehicle attacks; the story said that Tunisian Mohamed Bouhlel in July 2016 drove a truck into revellers in Nice celebrating Bastille Day, killing 86 people.ISIS has been using suicide car bombs for a long time, against military and civilian targets.Let us not be so ethnocentric as to forget those individuals as well," Peritz wrote.8, 2017) A consortium specialist, Erin Miller, told us the organization considers an attack outside of Iraq or Syria, where ISIS is known to be based, to be connected to the group only if perpetrators show, or proclaim, inspiration by the group.