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02 Mar

Van Helsing pens a memorandum to Seward, writing that he and Mina have reached the Borgo Pass.Mother cats may act aggressively if they think their kittens are threatened.Other cats practice "redirected aggression" -- they may see another cat through a window, and scratch the people or animals that they can reach.The medication can help get the animals comfortable with the behavior changes, and they can later be weaned off, he says.To find an animal behavior consultant in your area, see the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ( or American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (

After Mina investigates the possible routes that the count could take to return to his castle, the band splits up and spreads out.Mina and Van Helsing take a train; Holmwood and Harker hire a steamboat; and Seward and Morris travel across the countryside on horseback.Mina hears the sound of lapping water, so the band knows that Dracula remains somewhere close to water.The men hope to reach Galatz before the box is unloaded, but they are too late. “Any time the safety or well-being of either the pet or human is in question, a professional should be brought in to determine the best course of action,” says certified dog behavior consultant Michael Shikashio. An animal exhibiting 'quirky' behavior like excessive tail-chasing [could] be suffering from underlying issues.” The first step is seeing your veterinarian.“A pet owner shouldn't expect a quick fix,” Shikashio says.They may let you know by batting your hand away with a claw.