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27 Feb

No flags or strings of lights are there, so this was taken on a different date from the above. It was in the park until at least the end of the 1908 season when one source indicates it may have been sold to Erie Beach Park (then called "Fort Erie Grove"), or it may have lasted until 1915, after which The "Giant" coaster, which was installed in 1916, would have taken its place.

This was not lost on a group of investors; they got together in 1890 and formed The Crystal Beach Company, as it was dubbed by one of the partners because of the sand quality there.

The beach area was a major attraction because of a gentle slope that ran for some distance underwater with no drop-offs or undertow.

This tinted one shows a tree-lined corridor with a photo studio to the right.

The American flags dotting the buildings may mean this picture was taken on, or near, the Fourth of July holiday.

A train is seen on the trestle, with the station at the right.