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26 Jan

Mc Gonagall fell mostly into the latter set, though she was not as serious as normal.After the events of the DOM Harry & co return for the last week of term.But then Draco puts a curse on Harry that never been cured before.) The sex is not intended to be a major part, though it have a significant part to play... I did send the lot off to be beta'd by my usual beta, but he hasn't gotten back to me.A Note on what is canon: I got into HP via the movies, and have yet to read the first four books (though I have read books 5 & 6).

And that was when they didn't degenerate into an argument. well, the rest of their house had learned not to be caught between them. There was more than grief at work here, she realised.She knew that the Headmaster had finally talked to him just after he got back from the Ministry, but not what about.

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