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01 Apr

Soon after, the company developed an AI virtual assistant called Allstate Business Insurance expert (or ABIe), which now handles questions from 12,000 agents and eventually answers inquires directly from customers.Below, we've compiled a list of chatbot examples and chatbot uses currently in place.In 2016, Allstate upgraded its commercial insurance line for small businesses.The healthcare industry has seen a recent growth in innovative developments to reduce the cost of healthcare.Health Joy set out to inform employees of their benefits and claims so that employers can reduce healthcare costs.

Of Rewards Members using Facebook Messenger, 44 percent successfully received assistance related to their stay or reservation, Woebot is used primarily through Facebook Messenger as an artificially intelligent chatbot that is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), one of the most widely known methods of treating depression.Woebot tracks your mood and will show users how their moods change while maintaining privacy and finding patterns that might be more difficult for the average user to analyze.Chats with potential clients are automatically analyzed by the chatbot to extract essential information and allow faster conversions from potential clients.One of chatbots’ many appeals to businesses is their ability to integrate with existing messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or Whats App.This can only be done if employees are able to successfully navigate their way through the healthcare system.