Trouble updating iphone 3gs

26 Apr

Being qualified for a major update is pretty rare under Android, with only some of the top selling new handsets ever getting a single major update after their release.

Other i OS 6 features unsupported on i Phone 3GS including Safari's Offline Reading List (likely due to its limited RAM) and support for new "Made for i Phone" hearing aids (also a hardware issue).

There's also no new support for previous i OS features that the i Phone 3GS never previously got, ranging from Siri to Face Time to HDR photos.

Additionally, Google's clearly articulated commitment to delivering 18 months of updates for new phones has been ignored by its licensees, few of whom have released any major software updates for phone models that are just a year old.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 similarly abandoned all support for existing Windows Mobile 6 devices a year ago with the release of the all new Windows Phone 7, and this winter's Windows Phone 8 will do the same thing to existing WP7 owners.

Download original firmware i OS 5.1.1 for i Phone 3GS from here. If you don’t have an official unlock, you may want to consider using this tutorial. When Apple debuted the i Phone 3GS at its June 2009 Worldwide Developer Conference, it played up the third revision of the i Phone as faster (thanks to its new Cortex-A8 APL0298C05, which one might retroactively name the "A3," with twice the RAM of previous models), a better 3MP camera (finally delivering video capture), and support for HSDPA wireless networks up to 7.2 Mbps.