Are tattoos intimidating

19 Jul

And it can be easily done by logging into your current bank account to set up the transfer, or by contacting your human resources at work and asking them to divert it through your.

We still do #4 and usually nets us at least several hundred dollars a year and have been doing #5 for ages.

I love #6, that’s something we’d definitely benefit from in our house as it seems like with each kid, the amount of our “stuff” grows exponentially.

(Plus, a bonus is you’ll get a much better understanding of your money the longer you keep it up, which will help you further than most anything else you can do!

) Similar to idea #1, the deal here is to consciously get you to pay attention to each and every transaction you’re making.

I think it drives my wife crazy (she doesn’t get it), but it keep me entertained :) Eventually I’ll only be left with HER stuff! We have a nice glass jar where we drop in the cash and cross off the chart. Reply I’m with you on that one – ever since we’ve merged allllll accounts under one roof (except for mortgage) it’s been amazing.