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12 Feb

The time will be confirmed by Registry General staff.You or a designated person may pick up this license at the Registrar office.If you or your spouse-to-be have been married before, you must send well before you arrive official copies of final divorce decrees for each marriage of each person.Any bizarre or inappropriate locations would likely be vetoed by the Registrar to ensure the dignity of a ceremony is not usurped in the process.Most occur at the Regisrar General's Office but since September 2016 marriages contracted before the Registrar General can now be held at alternate approved locations which include Admiralty House Park, Arboretum, Astwood Park, Blue Hole Hill Park, Botanical Gardens, Chaplin Bay, Church Bay, Clocktower Mall Dockyard, Devonshire Bay Park, Elbow Beach (the public beach as accessed from Tribe Road 4B Paget), Ferry Point Park, Fort St.

Or either or both of you are a widow or widower, please send a copy of a death certificate.

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