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04 Feb

I con suppose, I could almoot eicuse, the reluctance of subjecta to serve on a diatiuit frcm- tier, at the will of a tyrant ; but the man who dares not expose his life in the defence of his children and his property, bu lost in Bocicly the first and most active energies of nature. - ~ "arobonjtes, the, subdued by the Turks, , oatu- -' ' ■'' ---' ■--=-■-' 131 IHbb, prinoeai of Busaia, her bantiani, t. Between Constantine and his faithful minister this comfortiess secret was prese Tved ; and a sufficient proportion of shields, ctosb- bows, and muskets, was distributed from the arsenal to the city bands. The lista were intrusted to Phmn- la ; ^^ and, afler a diligent addition, he informed his master with gnef and surprise, that the national defence was reduced to four thousand nine hundred and seventy Ronumt. Of Siberia, SB 1227—1260- The Bacaea«on of Zingii SV ISSe— I8S8. In her bat decay, Constantinople was still peopled with more than a hundred thousand inhabitants ; but these numbers are found in the accounts, not of war, but of captivity ; and they mostly * Tl Le palatine troopi are ityled Copini U, the pnrvlnoiils, Stmtaili ; and most of the namea and iustituiiana of the i Su-kiih militia exiiled be&ao tlte Canon }fam*h of Soliman 11., from which, and his own ax- peiie Boe, Count Husigli has coiaposed hii militsry state of the Otto- Bta empire. Eecapeof Conitantlnople and tlie Greek Bm^re from the Hagub, 33t 1)04. The whi^ mass of the Turkish powers ia magnified by Ducas, Chalcondyles, and Leonard of Chios, to tbe amoum of three or four hundred thousand men; bed Fnra Dsa was a less remote and more accurate judge ; and hia areciw definition of two hundred and fifty-eight thousand does not exceed the measure of experience and probability.'* Tm navy of the besiegers was less formidable : the Propoo tis was overspread with three hundred and twenty sail ; but of these no more than eighteen could be rated as galleys of war ; and the far greater part must be degraded to the condi- tioo of Btoie-ships and transports, which poured into the camp fresh supplies of men, ammunition, and provisions.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Hii Dulh before Told*, in th* WTWia Onuade, 44 ISAfr-lfil T. The Fopee eioonunnnioata the Patilareh of OMMtantlnop U and the Oreek H HDD— la OO. The emperor saluted him as a friend and father ; respectfully listened to hia public and private ser mons; and with the most obsequious of the clergy and laymen subscribed the act of union, as it had been ratiiied in the council of Florence. Ara Uan chief, endeavoia to liial Mahomet In his ]»ophat leal chrtiaoter, t. Hoaei, the doctrine of tbe immortality of the sonl, not ineolcated in Uw, I 030, pide n .... Jeru Balem defended agaicst Ibe cmsaden h V ^ hik jeqienant Aladin or Iftikiiar, 591. Uonnonfia naarpa Ihe Orsak emp re, and destroys Isaac Anschu. Ii dri Tea from Constantanop U by tse La OM-S U.,:,,l,;.d:, G00g Ie Mnnlcipia dtiaa, tlieir kdvantage B, i, 41, nola M., «S, w O H. Hum, battla ot taetweva the empetoi Coiutaiitaii* tai, tht- aaomr Hi Dflntliw, IL IH. ■^— , the ennneh, hie mtlit My promo Bon, and dlaam^on witti Be Utiaina i*.

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