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16 Mar

Stephen Traynor, regional director general for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), was in attendance to learn more about reservists.In this case, however, weather throughout the country played a direct role.Conditions in Eastern Canada at the beginning of January delayed and even canceled flights for many participants."We were asked to come out to this exercise because we offer a command and control capability that, frankly, the carrier can't provide," Petersen said."For deep look, for deep strike, for looking far into country, that's where the AWACS comes in.

Naval reserve sailors with HMCS Chippawa were out on the Red River Sunday as the crew of Winnipeg’s naval reserve division practised small-boat operations and diving to familiarize themselves with the river’s swift currents and low underwater visibility. Colin Stewart said it’s unusual for the Navy to deploy in the river, but it has happened — the last time was during the Red River flood of 1997, when Navy divers were used to inspect submerged bridge supports.

Sunday’s exercise was also about community outreach, Stewart said.“The biggest thing for the reserves is letting the public know what we do,” he said.

Boatswains, cooks and other crew members worked on firefighting techniques, knot tying and casualty clearing, as well as working with heaving lines and manning the Zodiac.

Every mariner knows that weather is a crucial factor when planning for ships going to sea.

"It was a great opportunity for team building as well as training.

We were totally focused on the mission at hand, whether it was launching aircraft or recovering them, or getting them ready and prepped for the next flight.

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