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19 Jul

A recent newsletter about the nutritional value of sugar, for example, featured eight New York Times articles that covered various parts of the topic (“Is The Sugar In Fruit Healthy? It Depends,” “Why Your Granola Is Really a Dessert”) and which were originally published at various points across the past two years.

“What’s great about these guides is that they serve what we saw as a very direct user need,” said Rabstenek.

“People wanted a single place that they could go to and learn a lot of information, and the guides are all about serving that need.” This productized news-you-can-use thinking isn’t all new to Well; back in 2009, we wrote about an interactive marathon training application called Run Well that told readers when and how long to run in the weeks leading up to a race.

The Times will send out a daily digest of news in English and Chinese targeted at We Chat’s millions of users around the world.

As chat apps like We Chat, Whats App, Line, and Mixt grow in popularity — especially outside the U. — publishers have been trying to find ways to crack the code that will bring in new readers.

The section has developed a handful of new products designed around a new editorial strategy: to create deeper, more personal relationships with readers as they look for guidance about “the many different health journeys happening at a given time in their lives,” Well editor Tara Parker-Pope told me.“People are thinking about the idea of health with every small decision they make on a daily basis.” One of the most prominent manifestations of that idea are the section’s new Well Guides, which are designed to give readers comprehensive introductions to big wellness topics such as running, high-intensity interval training, and meditation.The account is not available within China, their domestic market.The target audience for this account is We Chat international users in Asia but outside of China.” But looking through the paper’s first dispatches on We Chat, they clearly have Chinese readers in mind.For western news organizations chat apps present an opportunity to report and deliver mobile-first news in places like India, Nigeria, and China.The Times recently tried out Whats App to report on Pope Francis’ visit to Latin America.That was one of the problems that we wanted to solve from the beginning.” . Wikipedia Across the sites where it’s currently in use, the company’s purchase prediction model has been able to identify groups of readers three to five times more likely than average to buy a subscription, and advertise offers to them differently.