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25 Feb

Not content with being the longest-running, most subscribed-to streaming service out there, it isn’t resting on its laurels as new rival services – most recently from Amazon and Soundcloud – constantly pop up to challenge its streaming supremacy.It seems pretty spot-on, and even includes new remixes of songs from artists you have listened to.In case you need even more songs to soundtrack your procrastination, there’s now a New Music Friday UK playlist that ties in with the official UK chart, featuring a few handfuls of tracks from new album and single releases. In September, Spotify launched Daily Mix, which sits within ‘Your Library’ on the i OS and Android mobile app (it’s coming soon to desktop) and consists of five genre-specific playlists. and the more we use it the more we think this could be one of Spotify’s best features show, to snippets from popular BBC, TED talks or MTV programming, to Spotify’s own original content.It is varied, unique and comprehensive, and ultimately one defeat Spotify has to take on the chin.Still, in terms of accessibility, ease of use and content, Spotify has it all. It’s little wonder that competitors have come and gone in the time it’s been around, but even those alive and kicking don’t quite match Spotify’s level of completeness.

The price of its Family Plan subscription has been reduced; six users can now access it for £15 per month; and it has continued to tap into every corner of popular culture – including most recently the dating industry.This year, Spotify has matched with Tinder so you can see who shares your music tastes and have even ‘more reasons to swipe right’.The sound quality is capped at 160kbps too and listening is online only, so you’ll need a home or mobile internet connection.