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20 Jan

On the Dominsel - Cathedral Island - and dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, Brandenburg Cathedral was built in 1165.Afterwards, be sure to explore the historic Marienberg Park, a pleasant place to spend time as you soak up the views.Lehnin Abbey, the first Cistercian house in Brandenburg, was founded in 1180 by Margrave Otto I.During the next 170 years the area was ruled by Slavic princes of the Hevelli tribe. From 1153/1154 to 1157 Brendanburg was part of the Slavonic Duchy of Kopanica, a fief of Poland.Afterwards Albert I settled here and became the first margrave of Brandenburg.

The Museum of Industry in Brandenburg an der Havel showcases more than 100 years of the city's role in Germany's steelmaking industry.The focal point of its many exhibits is its Siemens-Martin open-hearth furnace, the only piece of machinery of its kind in Europe still open to the public.Highlights of its more than 10,000 artifacts include the oldest woven net in the world and tools used in Neolithic times for surgical operations.Other highlights include centuries-old weapons and jewelry, along with multi-media displays and presentations.The castle of Brandenburg, which had been a fortress of the Slavic tribe Stodoranie, was conquered in 929 by King Henry the Fowler. That the name of the city in the local Slavic language was Brennabor, a combination of two words brenna - defense and bor - fort, is an invention of the 17th century.

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