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04 Jan

In the tablets, "non-royals and the ordinary workers are mentioned by their rank in the specific work group or workshops they were employed.

There are also occasions where women listed in the same category as men received less rations and vice versa.

Female managers have different titles presumably reflecting their level of skill and rank.

The Wu Tai Shï says that Liu Ch'ang [劉鋹, Emperor of the Southern Han dynasty reigning at Canton, about AD 970].

"..dallying with his palace girls and Persian (波斯) women in the inner apartments, and left the government of his state to the ministers." A family of Iranian descent in China was known for the three polymaths it produced, one of them was a woman.

Also, during the Sassanian dynasty many of the Iranian soldiers who were captured by Romans were women who were fighting along with the men.Iranian women as dancers were highly regarded in China.Their ancestors adopted the suname Li when they moved to China.She was a poet and her name was Li Shun-Hsien (Li Shunxian), she was known for being beautiful, and had an older brother named Li Hsün (Li Xun) who wrote a book on drugs of foreign lands, and a younger brother Li Hsien (Li Xian).The highest-ranking female workers in the texts are called arashshara (great chief).They appear repeatedly in the texts, were employed at different locations and managed large groups of women, children and sometimes men working in their units.

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