Women chatting with men about jacking off

01 Mar

And as you’d expect, this was the perfect time for one such story, and Brett started telling it.

Today we have two hot jocks: Archie and Kasey, who want to try their luck in porn.

Archie is a hot young cutie who was at some point in a frat house.

Here we are again with Corporal Jax – a ripped 20-year-old Marine Hunk and cowboy who hails from Wyoming.

He likes to joke about his height, saying that he stands at a “fun-sized” 5’4” and weighs about 135 lbs.

Jax loves to chat with his very appreciative fans while slowly jacking off his beautiful stiff cock!

This cowboy definitely loves to stroke his manmeat and he’s all smiles while explaining to his audience how he loves to handle it.

He wasn’t shy at all to take off his clothes and show his nice beefy body for the camera.

He says that people often comment on his rosy cheeks – and even as he mentioned it, his cheeks blushed a lot more!