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27 Jan

Kevin Greenfield, 61, was admitted to hospital in March 2012 but faces the rest of his life in a wheelchair after doctors waited more than 24 hours to perform emergency surgery.If they want the find, they must pay the market value of the treasure to the finder and/or landowner. The collection is currently being held in secure storage at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where a selection of items will be displayed from today until October 13.After that a treasure valuation committee will value the find.As well as severe pain, the father-of-three said he was by then suffering with numbness from the waist down.'The pain was so intense that I had to lie down and call a doctor,' he said.'I thought one of the discs in my back might have collapsed.It was horrific.'I had suffered with back problems in the past but nothing like this.'My GP did a quick examination and then called for an emergency ambulance to take me straight to hospital.'When I got seen by the spinal injury department at around 6.30pm they told me I was very lucky because the specialist was on duty that weekend.'But they put me on pain relief and bed rest for 24 hours.'I don’t think the pain could have got any worse.'It brought tears to my eyes.'I couldn’t really move my legs.'An early diagnosis of the condition is crucial for good prognosis and immediate intravenous antibiotics are recommended.

After six weeks Mr Greenfield was referred for rehabilitation in Sheffield - and it was only then that he was given bombshell news by a nurse that he was told he would never walk again.'The nurse asked me if she could have a talk with me about self-catheterisation,' he said.'She told me, "you have to learn how to do this yourself, going forward."'I realised then that the damage was permanent.

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