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20 Aug

The second invasion played a more significant role in launching the most recent migration of Dominicans to the United States. troops brought to a close a civil war between supporters of democratically elected President Juan Bosch and his right-wing opponents in the Dominican military and oversaw the election of former Trujillo aide Joaquin Balaguer to the presidency.

Here, we present an updated, quantitatively described kinematic reconstruction of the Caribbean region back to 200 Ma, integrated into the global plate circuit, and implemented with GPlates free software.

Our reconstruction includes description of the tectonic units in terms of Euler poles and finite rotation angles.

Dominicans speak Spanish as a first language although increasing numbers also speak English.

The Dominican Republic has traditionally and predominantly been a Roman Catholic nation.

They invested heavily in the sugar industry, which soon became the most important productive industry in the nation.

The Dominican Republic's claims to sovereignty, however, did not go unchallenged in the twentieth century.

However, there are notable and historic Protestant, Jewish, and Afro-Christian religious communities as well.

While the Trujillo government and the Balaguer administration to a lesser degree have emphasized the Spanish ancestry of Dominicans, the population is diverse in its origins.