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30 Jul

The 39-year-old owner of the uber cool 1 Oak, Scott Sartiano, is seen hunched over in his seat while clutching a bright blue sick bag as Disick sarcastically captions the photo, '[Sartiano] knows how to travel', with the hash tag, 'living the dream'.When a club colleague, Richie Akiva, suggested that they open a restaurant together, Sartiano agreed — he was tiring of the club life and ready for the next big thing.After pooling their cash and raising money from investors, the pair launched Butter in May 2002.He soon became partner in The Deck at Pier 59 Studios as well as his second restaurant, Salt, at the see-and-be-seen Hamptons nightspot, The Star Room.By adding these ventures to his already full plate, Sartiano’s workdays soon crept up to an occasional 20 hours in duration.

I made one wrong move after another and all of a sudden found myself in the club business.” One of those “wrong moves” was breaking his wrist during his senior year.

Forced to sit out from tennis, Sartiano soon began promoting parties at Life and other Manhattan clubs as a way to earn extra money.

I eventually want to move on to bigger things.” Sartiano’s integrity and entrepreneurial drive helped him earn the trust and acceptance of powerful New Yorkers in the nightlife industry, and his Columbia experience taught him how to interact with a variety of people.

And, as he puts it, “Minor things change the path of your life.

Scott Sartiano ’97 thought he’d end up as a politician.

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