Laws against dating minors in california

22 Dec

Allegations of Satanic ritual murders came up during group therapy.

Mary Ann Barbour became distressed when she heard that the Mc Cuans had taken their two daughters on a supervised visit to see the alleged abusing grandfather and his wife.

She is reported to have ended up in the psychiatric ward as the result of a psychotic episode.

(Disturbed earth can be detected centuries after pits are filled in). This evidence is believed to have convinced the Kern County District Attorney to drop charges against the couple.

The social worker and her boyfriend (their father's co-worker) were tried separately. The medical records were then sealed and not permitted to be used by he defense in the subsequent trial of the Mc Cuans and Kniffens.

At a custody hearing in 1982-MAR, she was able to gain custody of her step-grandchildren.County officials filed child endangerment charges against the Mc Cuans. Barbour started to believe that a large "sex ring" existed in Kern County.This was the first large Multi-Victim Multi-Offender (MVMO) child abuse case in North America.It was centered in Bakersfield and Kern County, CA.