Paleomagnetic dating method

24 Dec

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Geologic research and mapping requires the determinations of the ages and composition of rocks.

A geologic map or report typically is only a summary of investigations that frequently involve the collecting and processing of hundreds of rock samples, followed by the evaluation and interpretation of data from a variety of analytical techniques.

With the cumulative experience of centuries of paleontological research, the chronology of many fossil species are well established in context of both geologic time and distribution.

Biostratigraphy is the science of correlation of sedimentary units base on the identifiable fossils they contain.

These magnetic grains will attempt to align themselves with the local magnetic field until they become locked into place.This is known as remanent magnetization, and can be described by its inclination, declination, and intensity, or by the related values of paleolatitude and paleolongitude which are used to define a paleopole.