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09 Aug

BROOKLYN, NY – January 31, 2016 – NPower, a national nonprofit that provides free IT training and job placement for veterans and young adults from underserved communities, announces today that Diane Schwarz joins the national Board of Directors.

I would complete my diss to spite my supervisors at the Colleges Where I Used to Adjunct who oozed with platitudes about how I would be a sought-after candidate on the job market once I graduated.

When I defended my dissertation, they suggested, I would finally be able to stop earning the slave wages they paid me, which of course was all I deserved until then.

She chairs Textron’s Information Management Council and oversees Textron’s information technology supplier and outsourcing relationships.

“Diane is forward-thinking when it comes to identifying and developing new technology talent and we are very pleased to have her join our national leadership team and deepen her affiliation with NPower,” said Dan Petrozzo, Chairman of NPower’s Board of Directors.

(My university offered a number of therapy sessions to all graduate students. If this sounds familiar, I think you owe it to yourself to cultivate spite. Spite motivates in the absence of any rational context for making progress and in the knowledge that all your effort will most likely come to nothing.