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Woodhouse traded his bar for a boat, sailed Malory and Sterling to Lisbon, got Malory to an OSS safe house, sold the boat, and used the money to take Sterling back to the U. Malory Archer, Sterling's mother, speculates that Sterling was conceived shortly before she participated in Operation Gladio.IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Brud Rossmann, Esquire C/O Sawtooth Capital LLC Attn: Brud Rossmann, 5 East 22nd Street #PHN New York, NY 10010 Tel: 516-272-9592 Email: [email protected] Pro Se, CIVIL NO. Com ADDRESS SCOTT CARLE (SEPARATE COMPLAINT) C/O ADDRESS and, John Doe-1, John Doe-2, and John Doe-3 Defendants PICTURES OF REPORTED “NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL” (NSC), SAIC AND “CIA, NSA, AND FBI” OPERATIONS AT 2319 SAWTOOTH OAK COURT, VIENNA, VA 22182 TARGETING PLAINTIFF WITH “BLACK OPS” OPERATIONS, AND FAR WORSE, (AND AS OTHERWISE EVIDENCED BY STATEMENTS OR OTHER ACTIONS OF FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA POLICE OFFICER SCOTT MORIN, MARK GEMBICKI, FORMER NSA, SUSAN BELL, ESQUIRE, PATRICIA HENRICKS, (DOCUMENTED CIA AFFILIATION), ATTORNEY “XY”, PIPER RUDNICK, AND OTHERS), WITH SELECT PICTURES OF CERTAIN CRIMINAL OPERATIONS TO INCLUDE STOLEN CABLE SERVICE, COPPER PIPE, ELECTRICAL, ETC. This petition is joined to a petition before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. ____________ MARK GEMBICKI Chairman And Chief Architect C/O The Resilient Corporation 4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 600 Alexandria, Va 22302 Phone: 703.519.4510 Email: [email protected] SELECT IRS RECORDS TO INCLUDE PLAINTIFF BEING AWARDED REFUNDS ON HIS FIRST FOUR (4) CASUALTY OR THEFT LOSS BASED REFUND CLAIMS, 2006 TO 2011, RELATING TO REAL ESTATE INTERESTS OF BRUD PLAINTIFF AS INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER MAIN HOME PURCHASER, AS POSTURED IN CLAIMS 1 TO 3, IF NOT CLAIM 4, IRS LIEN PRICING PROTOCOLS INCONSISTENT WITH PUBLICATIONS 536 OR 547 – SENIOR FIELD EXAMINER BRENDA MILLER ADMITTING TO NUMEROUS “CALCULATION ERRORS”, BUT IN FACT DEFINING UNLAWFUL LIEN PRICING PROTOCOLS APPARENTLY USED BY INSIDER DEEFENDANTS OR AGENTS SELECT PORTIONS OF THE 9/28/05 TRANSUNION CREDIT REPORT TYING JP MORGAN CHASE DEBT, FOR A SINGLE TOWNHOME PURCHASE, BUT SIGNED OFF BY THE MOST SENIOR LEVELS OF JP MORGAN CHASE, INCLUDING CHIEF MORTGAGE OFFICER DRAKE, TO BB&T DEVELOPMENT FINANCING AT A MINIMUM .815 MILLION (STATED), RECORDED IN THE FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAND RECORDS ON JUNE 22, 1999. Prior correspondence to President Obama, before the Chairs of the Intelligence Committees in Congress, and other proof of recent high-level review is selectively appended hereto as Exhibit support. The flu can be more serious for some people, such as older people, young children, people with certain health conditions and smokers.Watch this brief video for advice on when to seek professional care.

When Archer discovered that his bike was missing, he sat crying on his bed. Archer simply cried harder, and Malory spanked him with a red ping-pong paddle.Archer lost his virginity at age 12 to his female Brazilian au pair, who was seemingly unaware of the American age of consent.Malory liked the name Sterling and decided to name him that.Woodhouse suggested that his middle name be "Reginald", after Captain Reginald Thistleton (a deceased friend of Woodhouse's that served in World War I, with whom Woodhouse may or may not have been infatuated), but Malory decided that Reginald sounded "too gay" and instead named him after herself.

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