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19 Mar

Touched by what they heard, deepest emotions were seen throughout.The first broadcast of the program in Porto Alegre is embraced immensely.Within just 3-4 months, the hotel was jam-packed because of the unexpected attendees of the Bible Exposition.Through this motivation of encouraging parents to bring along their kids, the KNC Show is taken into the television program to further reach every household. This is the aim of the program – to learn and at the same time, having fun.Kawan ng Cordero aims to help our children to be God-fearing as well as be an example to other kids.

The map which started at Uruguay , the propagation is going up to the map.

The antipodal map showing the straight line connecting the Philippines and Brazil.

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[October 6, 2015] The 3-day Thanksgiving of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) on October 2-4 presented one of the most valuable lessons in life: seeds of abraham that is impossible to be counted, caring for our children and the fulfillment of the prophecy of Gods people.

The International Evangelist also currently maintains an Internet webcast through, a blog and Twitter account. Eli Soriano holds a regular Bible Exposition for his Filipino constituents every Tuesday at to p.m.

Propagating truths in the Bible and exposing frauds in the religious world before live crowds, MCGI’s Bible Exposition has accommodated countless people and entertained queries of faith and spirituality with the question-and-answer program of Bro. Like all other Church services, the Bible Exposition is free. Eli Soriano any question they may have of the Bible and its Author.

Twelve years after its first episode in 2004, the program received awards from various award giving bodies like the Golden Dove Award for Best TV Program and Anak TV Seal Awardee in 20 respectively.