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24 Feb

An infomercial is a paid commercial program that exceeds 12 minutes in length and promotes or sells products or services.

The display of either a phone number, website address, a company name or address by itself does not constitute an ordering opportunity.

Examples of a direct solicitation are “call now,” “call the number on your screen,” “here’s how to order,” “go to the phone right now.” Direct solicitation applies to audio only.

The CRTC also requires that any commercial message exceeding 2 minutes in length adheres to the requirements indicated below, concerning the identification of paid commercial programming.

In addition, infomercials may not be directed to children.

If clearance is required through either Advertising Standards Canada or Extreme Reach Clearances, the clearance numbers are valid for the life of the infomercial unless the word “new” is being used. Whenever product superiority and comparative claims are made an Attestation letter from the advertiser stating that all testimonials by individuals appearing in the infomercial and all claims made throughout the program are true will be accepted in lieu of individual affidavits and documentation. Advertisers of infomercials using an 800, 900, web site or any other variation and/or combination where the possibility exists that callers may incur a cost for using the service should pay particular attention to the Telecaster Phone Service Guideline.In addition to the requirements in point 1, these types of infomercials must also be preceded and concluded with a clear and prominent disclaimer in audio and video which states the total cost the viewer will incur for placing the call or accessing the website.An ordering opportunity is defined by the CRTC as a direct solicitation made by an on-screen host or through a voice-over, that provides information on how to purchase the product or service being advertised.