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25 Aug

For this reason, Angel Sense has the most comprehensive and reliable security features of any device we looked at: The app includes a detailed history of your child’s movements, including how long they spent at each location, transit times, and even the maximum speed during transit.Angel Sense attaches securely to clothing using a magnetic lock that has be removed with a parent key.There is also a locking belt option that goes under a child’s clothing if you prefer that.The app interface is pretty user friendly, though some users reported difficulty logging in.Although the Pocket Finder is small, it is not as streamlined as other devices so it’s a little clunky when worn on the wrist, but it’s perfect for a backpack or jacket pocket.

Trax Play also has a unique augmented reality feature in which a tracker icon will appear in the image of your surroundings to let you see which direction your child is in.This is especially helpful if you’re at a crowded amusement park or another large, open space without street directions.Parents also receive an alert when a pre-set speed is exceeded (so you can be alerted right away if your child is in a car) or when any of the geofences are crossed.You can set up an unlimited number of geofences, so you can be alerted if your children leave school, soccer practice, piano lesson, a friend’s house, or pretty much anywhere they’re supposed to be.Another unique feature that gets approval from parents is that you can draw your geofences in any shape, not just a square or circle.