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15 Feb

Access "My Search" that will be available on the upper left of TTPP's top page or in the “My Catalog” corner after you log in, and you can reuse ten search criteria you have used most recently. "My Catalog" offers the list of business proposals with " Proposal Detail" you viewed after logging-in during the last six months.Faculty are encouraged to complete New Proposal and Update forms 4-6 weeks prior to Pre-Registration, to ensure courses are reviewed and flagged as WI before enrollment begins.During semester intercessions, the Board has granted its Advisory Group – the Chair of each subcommittee, the Board Chair, and the Program Director – authority to evaluate and approve or reject courses. Note: WI courses are approved under a particular “instructor-of-record.” If that same course is later taught by a different instructor, that instructor must submit a New Proposal previously taught as WI.The list shows the numbers of registered business proposals by field (category)and area.Clicking on the number in the list will give you the list of business proposals that meet your search criteria.

Subcommittees may vote to recommend approval of a course, or may request that one of the CWP Coordinators correspond with an applying instructor for more information or modifications to the course in question.Courses may be tabled if the subcommittee’s questions/concerns are not answered in time for the next Board meeting, or may not be approved.