Hg updating to public failed

29 Jan

Before version 1.7, the behavior without --merge was equivalent to specifying --merge followed by This command helps to find changesets which introduce problems.Use the command Generate a changegroup file collecting changesets to be added to a repository.To create a bundle containing all changesets, use -a/--all (or --base null).The exit status of the command will be used to mark revisions as good or bad: status 0 means good, 125 means to skip the revision, 127 (command not found) will abort the bisection, and any other non-zero exit status means the revision is bad.Bookmarks are labels on changesets to help track lines of development.

With one argument, set the working directory branch name (the branch will not exist in the repository until the next commit).

Standard practice recommends that primary development take place on the 'default' branch.

Creating or updating to a bookmark causes it to be marked as 'active'. When a commit is made, the active bookmark will advance to the new commit.

A plain With no argument, show the current branch name.

To use, mark the earliest changeset you know exhibits the problem as bad, then mark the latest changeset which is free from the problem as good.

Bisect will update your working directory to a revision for testing (unless the -U/--noupdate option is specified).

Unless -f/--force is specified, branch will not let you set a branch name that already exists.