Secret friend cams

02 Mar

Standing near a window, peering into the darkness of the night, she could just make them out in the shadows, their bodies reflecting a light glow from the pool lamps which cast a soft light.The woman was taking a pounding from a frenzied Jason that slammed his cock in and out of her in rapid fire, as if he were a man possessed by a demon; completely out of control with animal lust.Lauren was working her fingers hard and fast, plunging them deep into her pussy, now on fire with her own lust that needed to be satisfied.The depravity and wanton nature of it all simply overwhelmed her.She was so excited, so aroused, so inflamed with craven need, that she couldn’t stop watching, or fingering herself, for any reason.

Lauren could hardly believe that she was doing this, watching Jason, naked in all his glory, about to ram his big cock into the woman and fuck her.

She knew she shouldn’t be watching this, and she sure as hell shouldn’t be playing with herself as if it was a porn video, but there she was, frozen in place, face pressed against the window, wishing that Jason’s huge dick was pointed at her own needy pussy.