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08 May

You know, if you can keep the crew guessing and interested in what you’re doing, then chances are] [2010], is probably the best actress of her generation right now, and watching you guys do what you do is incredible.

But Michael has a fragility that allows him to have a relationship with an audience that has no barrier.”“You can forgive Michael anything,” says Keira Knightley, who costarred with Fassbender in , about a covert operative (Carano) who takes on a succession of armed alpha men and other tough guys. Actually, that’s a good segue into the fact that you’ve been working like nuts and with all of these different directors.

He is also set to work with one of Hollywood’s most iconic sci-fi directors as one of the leads in Ridley Scott’s upcoming , recently spoke with him by phone from Los Angeles. So if somebody were to pull the plug right now, there’d be no room for complaint. You’ve done two movies now with Steve Mc Queen, and you’re gonna do a third, FASSBENDER: That’s right. BROLIN: We ended up having a blast in a hotel room—laughing, having drinks, whatever.

This does not parallel with the guy I just hung out with at all.”FASSBENDER: That’s the thing with Steve.

He’s kind of like a little boy and an old man at the same time.

''Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back.

I like characters that are flawed because we all are . The first image, with its nudity, is the one that became the central talking point amongst both critics and audiences when the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival this past September—another predictable, if unconventional, case of a leading man seemingly upstaged by his scene-stealing co-star.

We all have these voids we try to fill in different ways.

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