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17 Dec

With a balance transfer deal, you get a new credit card and it repays the debts on your existing credit and store cards for you, so you now owe money to the new card instead.Accepted card customers can lock in any debt shifted within 60 days of opening the card, at 6.9pc APR, and that lasts until all the balance-transferred debt has been repaid.While the offers tend not to be quite as strong, if you’ve space on your credit limit, your existing card provider may allow you to shift card debts to it from elsewhere – call up and ask.Free Live Cams247brings you the best FREE LIVE SEX CAMS and CAM GIRLS, CAM COUPLES and GUYS on the planet. The largest list of the most popular best sex cams counting over 1K safe free sex chats and websites.

Each card provider will have its own bespoke wish-list of desirable customer types – so don’t assume a rejection by one card means all others will reject you, too.

The balance-transfer eligibility checker at tells you your odds of getting each card – which substantially reduces the risk of rejection, and also includes some easier-to-get deals.

If you don’t get enough, use it for what you can – it’ll still cut some of your cost.