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Fill in your boring old name, press 'Transform Me' and prepare to be reborn as an authentic rock legend! Enter your gender, first name & surname to find out.LIZARDMEN NAME GENERATOR Sometimes it can be hard to think of a worthy moniker for your characters. This utility is here to help you come up with a few names for the cold-blooded warriors of the Slann. Get a fishing vest, some explosives, and generate you Allah - approved martyr moniker!!OGRE NAME GENERATOR During some particularly intensive research, Ogre Kingdoms author Phil Kelly unearthed a treasure trove of Ogre names. BRENDAN'S ON-LINE ANAGRAM GENERATOR This is fantastic! FUNNY MEAN NAMES GENERATOR Produce your very own Funny Mean Name DOG BREED GENERATOR Dogs appear in many stories - but breed names are often specific and setting-driven.HILLBILLY NAME GENERATOR Well, mine was Billie Jane Winchester CHARACTER NAME GENERATOR Produce names for all sorts of characters EVANGELIST NAME GENERATOR The first thing to realize is that an evangelist is a performer, and as such his name is his calling card.DARTH MAKER NAME GENERATOR When you absolutely need a villain for the Star Wars universe.

COUNTRY STAR NAME GENERATOR It has many styles and genres.

Contemporary, Honky-Tonk, Bluegrass, Western, Outlaw, Cowboy, even Progressive.

HOLY NAME GENERATOR In keeping with the spirit of Discord, the Holy Name Generator is completely random SINGAPORE IDOL STAGE NAME GENERATOR Performing on stage? If you were one of Santa's little helpers, what would your name be? THE ARMENIANIZER NAME GENERATOR Be an honorary Armenian for a day!

OUTLAW BIKER NAME GENERATOR Be a Hog-riding outlaw and kill your enemies!

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He presents them here so that aspiring Ogre players across the world can come up with suitably impressive names for their Bruisers, Tyrants and other athletes of the gut. REGGAE PET NAME GENERATOR Give Your Cat or Dog A Reggae Name! I became Lalyan 'Masterfull' Broadbelt of Bywater THE MORMON NAME GENERATOR Simply indicate your first name, last name and your gender preference, and we'll Mormonise your moniker.

THE ETHNIC STUD NAME GENERATOR Look out, dating world!